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At Oxygen we offer classes that allow participants the opportunity to express themselves through their practice. No matter how you may be feeling today, there’s a class for you. Join our community and embrace the fire within you and find out for yourselves why our members say “I Love My Life!”

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At Oxygen, we offer yoga fused with group fitness in a boutique style FAR Infrared heated studio. Sign up now to be notified about Oxygen Victoria’s opening day.


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hot absolutely burning butts

This high intensity, energetic, quick & dirty class will give you insane results focusing on 20 minutes of nonstop abdominal muscles, obliques and back encompassing the entire core. The last 20 minutes is dedicated to a toned lifted, strong booty! There’s 5 mins of a well deserved deep stretch thrown in here for ya! Bring water, endurance and your cheeky persona!

hot barre fusion

Barre Fusion is a dance style fitness class developed to create a long, lean, toned body using the ballet bar in studio. This class incorporates: bar work to tone and shape the lower body, Pilates style core exercises, resistance training, endurance training and props to strengthen muscles along with isometric-based movements and holds, followed by guided stretches.


This high energy class will challenge the entire body while increasing your strength and endurance. Add equipment to yoga based movements to increase overall fitness. Get ready to sweat!

hot power core
This dynamic class uses a variety of equipment and exercises focused on strengthening all the muscles of the core. This is a high energy class so come prepared to sweat!
Hot Box Fusion
Box fusion will help you develop and maintain cardio-vascular endurance, core strength and agility in a fun and motivating environment using boxing basics. Tap into your inner fighter, punching and kicking your way to optimum fitness. A full body cardio and conditioning workout this is a perfect outlet for daily stress and suitable for all levels. No partner needed.
Hot 15 x 4
A dynamic blend of calisthenics, weight and resistance training designed to give you a full body workout. In this class you will complete four sets of 15 minute blocks each dedicated to the arms, legs, abs and booty. You will work on increasing strength, flexibility and endurance while developing the mental stamina to take your fitness to the next level.


Hot Yoga Freedom Flow

A dynamic class that gradually builds its way into a flowing sequence by marrying the breath, poses and music together. A beautiful vinyasa flow that will elongate your muscles, increase flexibility and strength in your body.


This class relieves the effects of chronic stress. Postures are done primarily on the floor and held for extended periods to increase mobility and flexibility. We have designed this class to release tension and teach the fundamentals of yoga. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Hot Power Yoga
Using dynamic, strong yoga poses and sequences, this class will challenge the body, mind and spirit. Hold poses, play with inversions and arm balances. Leave feeling invigorated, empowered and energized. Some yoga experience recommended. Intended for level 2/3.
Hot Yang/Yin
The first half of this class focuses on the Yang or masculine energy. Powerful strength postures are held to build heat and strengthen the body. The second half is dedicated to the Yin or feminine energy found in the connective tissues such as joints, ligaments and tendons.

To avoid late cancellation fees ($10 per class) please cancel your spot a minimum of 4 hours prior to class. 30-day cancellation notice required for any Autopay or Month to Month Memberships.


While regular hot yoga studios use conventional heaters to blast hot air at you, often making it difficult to breathe, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness instead offers state of the art FAR Infrared technology that heats you up from the inside out allowing the air in the room to remain warm but comfortable. To top it off, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness pumps-in and circulates fresh air/oxygen to allow you to breathe easy!

Eliminates Toxins

Burn More Fat & Calories

Speeds Healing of Injuries

Reduces Stress

Relieves Inflammation & Pain

Improves Circulation & Skin Tone

Oxygen Yoga Victoria

100-727 Johnson St. Victoria, BC. V8W 1M9

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100-727 Johnson St. Victoria, BC. V8W 1M9